Household uses for toilet paper rolls

cordtube_smLifehacker recently posted a fun article that included a tangle-free cord container made from a toilet paper roll. You just bundle up your cords in neat loops and stuff them into toilet paper tubes. I like the idea of reusing toilet paper rolls. I always have a few rolls lying around and I happened to inherit a pile of cords. Who knew that toilet paper rolls could help me tame my spaghetti cords?


While I’m showing my dirty laundry (the cord pile), I should probably come clean and admit that while I’m computer savvy, I’m not cord savvy. I didn’t take Cords 101 in college. I don’t know what most of these cords are for.

My just in case mentality keeps me from donating these cords. Because you just never know when you might need a cord. However, the next time I encounter a ‘cord expert,’ I hope to get their help with labeling and purging this pile. “And what’s this one for? And this one.” I should be able to purge a few of these lovelies.

In the meantime, I was able to clean up some of the small thin cords. Some of the thicker, bulkier cords simply wouldn’t fit inside the tube – despite my best efforts.



What else can you do with toilet paper rolls? I found seed-starting pots at Mother Earth News. Cut toilet paper tubes in half and put a cluster of them on a tray. Fill the tubes with dirt, seeds, water, love, and patience. Then plant them in the earth when the seedlings are ready. Here’s a more detailed guide.

And finally, there are many kid’s craft ideas online. Or keep things simple. Save a bunch of tubes and maybe a couple small cardboard boxes. Now kick back and let your kids dream up something cool.

What do you do with your toilet paper rolls? Please post a Comment.


One thought on “Household uses for toilet paper rolls

  1. Ingenious! I have never once done anything with a toilet paper roll, or ever even thought about it.

    I’m sure kids could think of a lot of things.

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