Food waste: The saga continues

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Not so long ago, in a house pretty close by….

Food Waste

Episode 3

The Saga Continues

The electrifying story of my food waste continues this week. Spurred by The Frugal Girl, I’ve been working to become conscious of my food waste by meticulously documenting my wasted food each week. This week, let’s see what I got…


Half eaten container of yogurt
Hard and moldy lemon
A pear that was accidently gouged repeatedly due to Poor Pear Placement (PPP) on my part

The yogurt was a new purchase a few weeks back. Remembering that my daughter loves Brown Cow maple yogurt, I thought a big Trader Joe’s maple yogurt would be perfect – less packaging, more yogurt, less money. Perfect! Except that my daughter is particular about her yogurt. The texture, flavor, and sweetness need to be just right or else no consumption. And apparently this yogurt did not pass the muster. Several times this yogurt was passed over, even when it was the only yogurt in the house

This week I learned that sometimes my food waste is the result of my children not liking something. Solutions? A few solutions come to mind:

  1. Don’t buy food that I wouldn’t eat myself.
  2. Repurpose or disguise food my children won’t eat – i.e. use the yogurt in muffins, add secret ingredients to sauces and puree them beyond recognition, shred zucchini in lasagna.
  3. Unload unwanted food at work. Stick an “Eat Me” note on food and leave it in the kitchenette at work. This has been a favorite strategy of mine for sweet things, but I’m thinking of expanding it to other food types. Lunches have been known to disappear from the fridge at my work (think Bermuda Triangle) – lunches that didn’t have Eat Me stickers on them. So apparently there is pent up demand for free food.

I think I’ll stop short of gavage or force feeding my children.

How do you avoid unwanted food? What do you do when you buy something that doesn’t strike your fancy? Do you eat it anyway, pitch it, or ? Post a Comment.


4 thoughts on “Food waste: The saga continues

  1. Poor Pear Placement! Hilarious!

    I don’t like Maple flavor, but I do love that French Village brand. That’s my everyday yogurt.

    But I do believe in buying what you want and not substituting, so it looks like your daughter made her preference for Brown Cow clear.

    Not too bad though!

  2. sorry about the yogart once the girls find something they like it is hard to bring in another product.

    The idea of putting the food out in the kitchen of your work is good we did that at the health dept in the room for us all to eat lunch etc. everything went , also someones things in the fridge, every day something was gone.

    good ideas Kate, Irene

  3. I love the PPP. That happens to bread in transport with this family. It leaves the store plump but ends up looking askew by the time I get it in the house.

    I wish we had a work environment where I could share leftovers.

  4. I just ate one of those Rachel’s brand extremely fancy (and expensive) yogurts that was “vanilla chai” flavor. My son picked out 3 of them. He ate half of one and then declined to eat more, the flavor was too weird. My husband at the 2nd one. I had to eat the 3rd one because it was 2 days past the “sell by” and my husband won’t eat anything past the sell by date. Sigh. We can thank his mother for that. Anyway, I HATE chai flavored stuff but I didn’t want to waste it. So I mixed it with cereal, dried blueberries, and pecans. Not too bad, but I still want to run upstairs and brush my teeth!

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