Economic downturn turns condom sales up


Headlines are designed to grab our attention and get us to read something in a sea of somethings. I’m a sucker for positive recession headlines (the eternal optimist), so these condom sales headlines caught my eye:

Recession seems to put people in the mood for condoms – USA Today

Economic downturn hasn’t hurt condom sales – Columbus Dispatch

Because of the economic downturn, cash-strapped Americans are spending more time at home with fewer entertainment options, and so well er you know what that means…. I particularly love this quote from Jim Daniels of Trojan condoms:

“If people don’t have the money to go out to a fancy dinner or are looking to cut back, Trojan gives them some real affordable ways to stay in and make some great memories together,” says Jim Daniels, vice president of marketing.

Perhaps this could be Trojan’s new marketing slogan: Trojan condoms: Affordable ways to make great memories.

It’s always good to know that there are still some great affordable and memorable entertainment options out there (despite the economic downturn). Thank you Trojan for bringing this to our attention.

So what else is selling well these days?

Canning and freezing supplies – a make it yourself mentality

Seeds – growing your own food is the new black

Canned goods – let’s hunker down and eat beans

Baking supplies

Romance novels – inexpensive escapism

Small cosmetic items – especially men’s underwear. Pink is the new hot color. Father’s Day idea? Hmmm, maybe not.

Sexy lingerie – goes with the condoms

This all sounds great to me. Americans are getting back to basics. We’re spending more time at home, preparing meals, and enjoying ‘memorable entertainment.’ Once the job train starts up again, I hope that these things stick with us.

So what are you buying more of recently, other than condoms of course? Please post a Comment.

Or if you’d rather… have some fun making up a new headline for this blog. Here are some that I considered:

Recession ushers in a wave of condoms
Recession-proof condoms
Paychecks down, condoms up

It’s hard to know what will catch your eye.

Recession bright spot: We’re creating less trash


2 thoughts on “Economic downturn turns condom sales up

  1. Is this Obamas new “stimulus” plan!? Maybe…doesn’t seem like his “plan” is creating jobs just yet though. Although, with that being said, I heard prostitution and topless dancers are on the rise. Sad, really.

    “Condom sales…stimulating.”

  2. I wonder if it’s not the ‘cheap entertainment’ that people are considering, but that condoms are a cheap way to avoid having a baby — much too expensive for a couple unsure of their financial situation. Way less exciting than calling it affordable entertainment, but I’m sure a factor!

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