Oprah’s free chicken coupon is puzzling to me


The excitement over Oprah’s free KFC chicken coupon is puzzling to me. Why so much excitement? What’s behind the excitement? Is KFC’s food that enticing? Is it the lure of getting something for free? Or is it just Oprah’s marketing power? What is it?

I’ve been reading about coupon servers being overloaded, long lines at KFCs, and riots at franchises that didn’t accept the coupon. Huh? I remember eating KFC as a child, but I don’t remember the food being worth all this fuss. Am I missing something? Do I really need to ‘Unthink KFC’? No I don’t, despite this clever marketing ploy.

The Oprah free chicken coupon brings up an important distinction for me.

I have values that I won’t compromise – regardless of price.

I choose to not eat KFC food for a variety of reasons, so I don’t feel compelled to eat there even if someone offers me a free meal. To me it’s like getting a free package of cigarettes when you’re a non-smoker. Kind of silly. So while I may never understand the excitement over free KFC chicken, it has helped me realize that I’m not unabashfully frugal. I have my limits. I won’t eat at KFC to save a couple bucks.  

What about you? Do you have limits on your frugality? Is there something you won’t do to save a couple bucks? Please leave a Comment.


3 thoughts on “Oprah’s free chicken coupon is puzzling to me

  1. I’m with you, Kate. Getting something free when I never wanted it in the first place – no thanks.

    KFC was probably the first fast food chain I boycotted- when I was only about eight! I never liked the smell or the taste and the potatoes were awful.

    I would have to be starving to eat it.

    It’s not that I’m a food snob. Just don’t like it. The fast food I personally like is a Taco Bell bean burrito, and an In and Out cheeseburger without the burger- they call it a Grilled Cheese.

  2. I love KFC. Always have, probably always will. I know–it IS way down on the healthy food chain and, in both interests of health and finances, I only eat there about once a year or less. (I eat out anywhere probably less than 6 times a year.)

    I saw the coupon too and wondered what kind of response it would generate. I tried to download it. Hurdle one: you had to download a special “coupon downloader” to get it. What’s up with that? What portal to the marketing world would that open up? Hurdle two: my PC is too old to download the “coupon downloader.” Apparently the marketing whizzes that be assumed we all have shiny new computers with all the latest bells and whistles on them. Wrong.

    So I missed out on the KFC give away, but not because of lack of interest in the food!

    In general, though, I too am not unabashedly frugal. I won’t take offers–even freebies–if they are for items I will not use (and no one else will either) or are from some awful organization (like local agencies whose causes I do not support).

  3. there was an excessive lot of drama tied up in this free grilled chicken episode (from KGC); it certainly demonstrates Oprah’s sway over the general public

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