Food waste: The battle rages on

I’m happy to say that I’m below average this week. I somehow managed to waste less than 25% of my food supply, making me a strong underachiever. What? In case you haven’t been following this ‘fascinating food waste saga’, this time last week we learned that the average American throws out about 25% of the food they buy. And I think most were sad to learn that I was a strong overachiever, amassing a sizeable pile of wasted food. And so this week… (drumroll please!) Wha-la! I bring you my food waste pile. 


This week I wasted some lefover white rice and some hummus that’s not my favorite (note to self: think twice about buying again).

How was I able to turn the tide and become such an amazing underachiever? Well, it helped that my big grocery store trip never materialized. I had just one quick $22 stop. Somehow my family did not starve or eat Top Ramen, but instead we just ate food we already had.

Not buying many groceries made it harder for me to waste food. So let’s see, skipping grocery shopping for a week saves time, money, and reduces food waste. Most excellent!  

Other gleanings 

While trolling the web, I came across this nifty Leftover Log for your fridge and freezer. You can download this PDF form from


The form serves as a gentle reminder of what leftovers you have. Just a gentle nudge to ensure that leftovers are enjoyed rather than trashed or composted. If you don’t want to print a log every few weeks, CallieKoch suggests printing the log on thicker paper, laminating it, and using a dry-erase marker.

And finally, here are some produce saving strategies:

  1. Limp Vegetables? Make vegetable broth.
  2. Overripe Fruit? Make a smoothie or get out your juicer.
  3. Vegetables just on the edge of limpness? Cook them or freeze them.

Do you remember Microsoft’s old slogan, “Where do you want to go today?™”

Well, I came up with my own a derivative… 


What did you NOT waste today?

Anything counts. Please leave a Comment.

Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate Waste


2 thoughts on “Food waste: The battle rages on

  1. I found this blog by doing a search on “food waste,” which I wrote about today. I admire your results in wasting less food! Starting today I will keep a log of what food I throw away, with the idea of reducing it and thus becoming an “underachiever” (I really liked that!).

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