Use cloth napkins every day

I’ve wanted to use cloth napkins for a while now, but I haven’t made the leap. With a special event on the horizon, I decided to buy 12 cloth napkins. At almost 2 bucks a pop ($21 total), I was apprehensive about the purchase. Paper napkins are cheap and easily composted, so why switch? 

For me, the decision to switch to cloth napkins came from my desire to reduce my single-use products. I thought about the trees, the bleaching, the packaging, and the trucks transporting the napkins to stores. All this so that I could wipe my face once or twice. Cloth napkins have production costs, but I hope to use my new cloth napkins for years instead of just once.


Cloth napkin tips

  • Use your napkins until they’re dirty. Maybe a week?
  • Find a place to store napkins that your family is using during the week.
  • Wash dirty napkins with your other laundry.
  • Use eco-friendly laundry detergent.
  • Wash your napkins in cold water and line dry them (you can line dry year round with this cool rack).

I was worried that cloth napkins would wash up poorly or require me to find my iron. But no, they washed up great and line dried brilliantly. Using them – pure joy. They look and feel wonderful. So go ahead and take the plunge! You’ll be glad you did.

When you do buy paper napkins or paper towels, buy paper that’s processed chlorine free (PCF) with a high post-consumer waste (PCW) content. And of course, use them sparingly.

Have you made the switch? Do you have some cloth napkins to recommend? Leave a Comment.


One thought on “Use cloth napkins every day

  1. We have been using cloth napkins for a year or so now. I think it’s great for so many reasons, just one of which is that it makes dinner feel more meaningful. Growing up cloth napkins were for special occasions. How nice is it that every meal is now a special occasion?

    When I wanted to get some more napkins I looked at our flea markets and found some wonderful linen ones. The price was quite inexpensive, I was buying what had been used for years already and they had great charm. I just throw them in the wash and love that they aren’t ironed when we use them. It’s casual elegance!

    Plus, we use napkin rings so each person knows which napkin is theirs. I don’t mind so much, but my husband appreciates knowing it’s his napkin he’s using again!

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