Dropps: Convenient and earth friendly laundry detergent

My new super cool clothes dryer arrived and with it came a sample for a new product called Dropps. Dropps are tiny lightweight pacs of concentrated laundry detergent. Drips, spills, and lugging heavy containers are distant memories. 

Convenient yes, but what makes Dropps unique IMHO is that they’re also earth friendly – they conserve water, energy, and plastic. What a winning combination! Convenient and earth friendly.

Inside the plastic pouch (OK, the product is not perfect) are little toss-and-go pacs that are about the size of a rather large gummy bear. Just pop a pac in your washer and it magically dissolves.

  • Phosphate-free, chlorine-free and NPE-free
  • Scented and unscented, dye-free versions
  • The lightweight pacs require much less energy to ship and transport
  • Although, the pacs come in a plastic bag, the bag uses much less plastic than a jug (300x less plastic).

Do they clean well? Yep! They sure do. I found Dropps to work just as well as the product I was lugging home before.

The Cost?

Amazon is selling a 84 load pouch for $30. So the cost per load is about 36 cents (assuming you have Amazon Prime). Check here to see is Dropps are available locally. If Dropps seem a little spendy to you, you can save some money by washing your clothes in cold water, wearing them more than once, and using a nifty clothes dryer.

Other earth friendly detergents

Other eco-friendly laundry detergents on the market include: Ecos, Ecover, Seventh Generation and Sun and Earth. Consider using a phosphate-free dishwasher detergent as well.


  1. I have to use “allergen free” detergent or I break out in a rash. Do you think these would work for me?
    Also- what about cost- how much is it and how many loads do you get?

    • Good questions! The cost per load is about 36 cents. The FAQ on Dropps.com claims that it won’t irritate your skin because it’s enzyme-free.

  2. I have sensitive skin and like to use Grab Green. It looks similar to Dropps except it is powder detergent instead of liquid. I break out when I use any product with even a hint of fragrance or dyes but fortunately have not had any adverse reactions to Grab Green.

    Their website where you can buy it is http://grabgreenhome.com/.

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