Earth Hour 2009 (Special Extended Version)


Last weekend (March 28, 2009) was the world’s largest climate event – Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a global event where people turn off their lights and electrical appliances for an hour. Why? To cast a symbolic vote for action against climate change. Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), whose aim is to conserve the world’s threatened regions and their animals.

I was in Canada last weekend where Canadians enthusiastically embraced Earth Hour. A strong majority of Canadians (80%) are concerned about climate change and planned to participate in Earth Hour. Why such a high participation rate? Canada’s Arctic is warming faster than any place on Earth, threatening the survival of polar bears. Often the more apparent the problem, the stronger the action.

What can you do?

  • Have an ‘Earth Hour’ every week or month. Gather your family and friends and share an hour by beeswax candles (regular candles are derived from petroleum), without modern electrical distractions. Play a board game, tell stories, and enjoy simply being together. Often kids’ favorite memories are of power outages. So why wait for a power outage?
  • Take this idea one step bigger and organize an Earth Hour in your city or town. 
  • Write letters to politicians and urge them to take action to fight climate change. The Earth Hour folks have an online form you can use: Vote for the Earth Today.
  • Take energy-saving measures in your home. Every little bit helps. There are numerous energy saving tips on the web.

 More ideas? Leave a comment.


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