Use half: When less is more

halfThe next time you use anything, try to use 1/2 of what you normally use. Half. The next time you wash your hair or brush your teeth, try to use 1/2 of the shampoo or toothpaste that you typically use. Are your hair and teeth still clean? If the answer is yes, then just you just reduced your consumption rate and saved money. 

Try this throughout your day. Can you use less dish soap or laundry detergent? How about less toilet paper? Can you take a shorter shower? Try flushing the toilet less: If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down. Can you use less energy?  

If using half doesn’t work, try using 2/3 of what you would normally use. Try two squirts of dish soap instead of three. This may seem like a small thing, but over time your savings will add up. You’ll be consuming less, saving money and creating less waste.

Try cutting your consumption however you can. Your consumption matters and your choices influence other people. When you bring a mug to Starbucks or use a reusable bag, people see your choices and consider doing the same.

Sustainable Dave has some great ideas on how you can eliminate your use of single-use paper and plastic products. Educate the next generation – have your kids watch this. I did.


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