10 minute decluttering

I love this idea from Non Consumer Girl – “Every Monday, I get together things that my family and I no longer need or want. I call this Declutter Mondays.” Since the beginning of the year, Non Consumer Girl (great name!) has been decluttering and selling things on eBay. In two months time she’s sold $1,400 of stuff. I feel inspired.

So here I go. Time to wander through my home looking for items that can go. Things that are not beautiful or useful (as in actively being used) are fair game. Here’s what I came up with in 10 minutes.


Not bad. Media and books are an easy target. Clothing is easy to purge. If you can’t remember the last time you wore something, move it along to someone else. In 10 minutes time I have a small bundle of things. Could I do this everyday? Sure. Or one day a week. It’s quick, easy and helps me reach my goal of having a peaceful, clutter-free home.

Give it a try! Decluttering doesn’t have to be a huge all day project. Instead, break your grand decluttering plans in to 10 or 15 minute chunks. Do a little bit at a time and you’ll make a difference in the amount of stuff floating around your home.

Enlist your children in this project. Ask them to bring you three things they no longer want or use. Bit by bit you can create a clutter-free home, one step at a time.

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One comment

  1. you just helped me figure out some of my plans for this sunday night!

    and you just saved me $20 because i’m getting rid of a fancy box of drinks i was going to buy. too much waste! not worth it!

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