Stop shopping: It’s easier then you think


How many days can you go without spending a dime? 1, 5, 7? Let’s find out! Find a freebie calendar and designate it as your frugality calendar. Each day that you don’t spend a dime, mark the day with a smiley face :-). On those days that you do spend money, mark the day with a $ and indicate the amount of money you spent and what you bought. Put the calendar in a high traffic area and enlist your household in this project. Make it a game. The payoffs are numerous: increased awareness, appreciation for money, increased savings, early retirement, less consumption, you name it.  

The calendar serves has a visual reminder of your goal to reduce expenses. It’s super easy to say ‘yes’ to a latte, but if you do then you can’t put a :-) on your calendar. This game doesn’t have to limit you. Be creative. If a friend asks you out for coffee, consider bringing a thermos or inviting them to your home. Who says you have to buy anything? You don’t. Most expenses are choices. Use your freedom of choice!

Skip grocery shopping for a week
My year without spending


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