Go ahead ‘be cheap’


coinsHow many days can you go without spending a dime? Normally, I might not suggest such a radical thought. Consumerism seems as American as apple pie and baseball. But, I like this radical thought. America needn’t be a country of heavy consumers.

After 9/11, President Bush suggested that Americans take to the malls and spend money. Was that helpful? Now our economy is derailed again and going to the mall is not a possibility for everyone (honestly it was never a possibility for me – I dislike malls). So now what? In lieu of making money, there’s always the option of saving money.

Where does your money go?

Before you can control your money flow, you need to understand where it’s going. Take a look at your expenses: checks, charges, handi-bank yanks. All of it. If you want to cut spending, take each expense and ask ‘can this expense be eliminated?‘ Try it and see what happens. Cancel that membership or subscription. Drop the monthly reoccurring fees and charges. Shed the expenses until you get down to the basics: heat, electricity, food, shelter, taxes, and insurance.

Now with any luck, money will start to fill your accounts (assuming you have income). Now you can make a conscious decision as to how you spend your money. For example, perhaps buying local products is important to you. Organics. Green products. American products. Products that start with the letter T. Whatever it may be. Choose to spend money on the things that are important to you.

And remember, it’s OK to be cheap. Cheap, Cheap! Forget about keeping up with the Joneses. You don’t need to purchase anything to be happy. The greatest things in life are free.

Our founding fathers never once went to a mall.

Conscious frugality
My year without spending blog


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